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ED あやかしごはん

犬嶌 謡  

犬嶌 詠

伊吹 萩之介

花 蘇芳

芹ケ野 真夏

木邑 浅葱 

OP あやかしごはん—狐森吟


OP あやかしごはん——木邑浅葱

Drama CD Translation: I Love Pet!! vol. 6 (Kaji Yuki)


Hello…. I’m back again with my lazy translations. This one was just too cute to pass up, so uhm yeah. And one of these days, I’ll be able to finish Teiou’s Kannou Jikan 4 without fainting from what he’s saying…. so without further ado… 

And oh, if interested DL the drama CD here.


I Love Pet Vol. 6

Kaji Yuki

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Today’s White Daay~! ♥ (well… yesterday…) 

I translated the White Day messages (which can be found in this blog entry)  from Marginal #4 and to my surprise, Lagrange Point’s Shy and Kira had one! They’re all so adorable! 


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Popolo April 2014 Translation



The members write a message to Yabu who went for the photoshoot on a separate day due to his schedule for the Johnny’s World stageplay.
And Yabu replies to each of the messages with love.

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Ima, Kono Toki. by Hiiragi


Ima, Kono Toki. - Hiiragi

Anime: Natsume Yuujinchou Shi

Kya~~~~ ><